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100% Pomodoro 

Cannolo di melanzana Perlina


From Piedmont to Sicily, Pino Cuttaia is the “Synthesis” Chef.

Licata, in the province of Agrigento is the hearth of his cuisine, Pino’s homeland and location of its restaurant La Madia. Anyone who had the pleasure to taste his delicacies knows that here cooking is basically a creative matter, a challenge, is the endeavor to make traditional dishes always new and different, enhancing them in preparation and presentation, reaching the climax of synthesis and gourmet delights learnt in the best restaurants in Piedmont with the strength and consistency of the typical Sicilian ingredients. The idea of this dish was born from the Sicilian culinary tradition: eggplant, ricotta cheese, tomato, basil. The combination of the carefully selected Perlina® eggplant makes, besides the unusual caliber matching the aesthetic of the dish, a scent and lightness that are unique in olive oil frying, turning a traditional dish that is “good but a little heavy” in a dish that’s suitable to the modern cuisine’s requirements.


Try to experiment with the preparation of Chefs’ recipes. Get yourselves a good dose of patience, all of the ingredients and follow the instructions step by step. Have fun!


If you feel like eating something good but don’t have to much time to spend on cooking, the homemade recipes are just what you need.

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