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300 g Agerola biscuit
200 g fresh tuna
200 g fresh mackerel
4 salted anchovies
4 baby plum tomatoes
100 g beef tomatoes
4 Perlina® eggplants
4 green olives
4 baked olives
12 salted capers
80 g smoked provola cheese
4 celery sprigs
50 g basil
1 Tropea onion
2 garlic cloves
10 g parsley
1 lt white vinegar
1 lt extra virgin olive oil


Mint Leaves

Serves 4


Clean the tuna and cut into slices a few cm thick with the bone and skin.
Salt the slices and leave to rest for at least 2 hours. Prepare a solution with 1 lt of water, 120 g of salt and 100 g of white vinegar for every kg of fish.

Rinse the tuna from excess salt and cook at very low temperature in the water, salt and vinegar solution for about 3 hours. Let dry well and cover in oil. Make the mackerel the same way without cutting it open. Shake off salt from the anchovies, trim and roll them.

Fry the Perlina® eggplants at 150° C then peel, salt them and dry well from excess water. Cover them in oil then add parsley, a garlic clove and a few basil leaves. Slice the garlic thinly then blanch in a solution of water, white vinegar and salt; let it cool and cover with oil.

Blanch the tomatoes and cool down in water and ice, peel them, cut into quarters and get rid of the seeds. Put out the gelatin from the beef tomatoes and store them in a cool place. Using what's left, make a well-ventilated shake, then season its water with salt, oil and vinegar.

Crumble the biscuit in a tin and add all ingredients, season with the excess water previously extracted from the tomatoes.

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