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500 gr rock octopus
1 fresh scallion
Perlina® eggplants
30 gr salicornia
3 red turnip leaves
1 beef tomato
Maldon salt flakes
Tonda Iblea extra virgin olive oil
1 bay leaf
1 lime

For the ice-cream:
500 gr fresh basil
200 gr fresh cream
100 gr sugar
one lime juice
200 gr fresh milk


Recipe by chef Gaetano Procopio


Serves 4

Ice-cream preparation:

Brew all ingredients on a medium heat keeping the temperature at 90°C, then put the mixture in a food processor for 3 minutes, filter on a fine mesh, put the liquid on a Pacojet jar and let sit for 24 hours. The following day use the Pacojet to work the mixture until creamy.

Dish preparation:

Use only the octopus tentacles and vacuum them with bay, a little salt and half a lime. Cook at low temperature 77°C vapor 5 hours. In the meanwhile clean and cut the scallion in a half then grill it at a low heat. Clean the tomato and keep the pulp only; sautee the Perlina eggplants separately until soft and golden. Keep the ends of the salicornia and put aside to garnish the dish. Once the octopus is cooked, open the vacuum bag and sautee the tentacles with a little oil.

To assemble the dish start with the Perlina® eggplants, place the octopus on top and the grilled scallion with salicornia and red turnip leaves next to it.
Finally, place a scoop of ice-cream next to it. Garnish with salt flakes and extra virgin olive oil.

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