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Famiglia Campoccia

“La Perla del Sud” is a family-run farm with a surface of about 4 hectares, which has been growing top quality vegetables for 4 generations. It is located in Sicily, in the Ragusa province, at about 3 km from the wonderful seaside village of Punta Secca, famous all over the world thanks to the television series “Inspector Montalbano”.

The family-based management combines ancient rural know-how, no longer in use, with modern innovations with the aim of constantly producing products of the highest quality. It is our own family that takes care of every single phase of the production process, paying special attention to every detail.


The Mediterranean climate represents the natural resource into which all of the farming operations express the maximum synergy. The production is carried out into “Cold greenhouses” where heating is not allowed, hence without the use of fossil energy sources. This is supported by the fundamental choice of Integrated Farming, with the use of Solarization for soil pest control, along with grafted plants against parasites attacks and bumble bees in substitution of hormones, and finally the use of nets to protect from virus carrier insects. From such choices it is clear that our attention is focused on the consumer’s health and environmental issues; in this respect, we chose NOT to use artificial substrates altogether, which minimize the soil to a mere surface. We strongly believe that quality cannot disregard the fundamental fact that plants must be fed by the “ancient exclusive power” of this Earth, which provides unique organoleptic characteristics to its own produce.


The current production comprises of four types of tomato and four types of eggplant, including the Perlina® eggplant and Black Chocolate tomato, both produced exclusively by the company.

Production is articulated in three different product lines: the “Purple line” which is the highest quality, created to meet the needs of the most demanding customers in the high class restaurant industry; the “Blue line” which encompasses the same products but from a slightly less rigorous selection, matched by lower prices and addressed to wholesale fruit and vegetable markets of all Italy; finally the “Orange line” born from the collaboration with the Michelin-starred chef Pino Cuttaia, which refers to the 100% Tomato Natural Preserves, manufactured only once a year, according to the Sicilian tradition, when tomato conveys the best organoleptic features.

Azienda Agricola a Conduzione Familiare


For over a decade, La Perla del Sud has been a direct trusted supplier of Michelin starred restaurants and luxury hotels all over Italy, as well as official supplier of distributors specializing in haute cuisine such as Longino & Cardenal and Selecta.

Our Mission is to deliver the best quality and flavors typical of the Sicilian land, even the 

ones which, unfortunately, are now on the verge of “extinction”.

If you wish to know more, please visit the Haute Cuisine page by clicking here.

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