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The long collaboration with Chef Pino Cuttaia gave life to our best products as of today:

the natural preserves 100% tomato.

Conserve Naturali 100% Pomodoro


On one occasion, Pino told Giombattista about his idea of making some tomato preserves that had to be more “unique than rare”, made of one ingredient only, the one that maybe more than any other, tells the story of Sicily: tomato.

A product that he loves particularly – at least as much as we do – and that is rarely missing from his table. As he could not find on the market any tomato preserves that were worthy of his cuisine, he wanted to create them himself. The fundamental characteristics had to be naturalness, freshness and handcrafting, something “as simple as it is delicious”.

And that’s how were born:

concentrated at low temperatures so that it retains the organoleptic characteristics that define it;

  • Old fashion peeled by hand tomatoes

hand peeled one by one;

ready to use tomato sauce that can also be used as a base for more sophisticated dishes.

These tomato preserves were created with the aim of satisfying the most demanding customers, while still remaining in the utmost simplicity.

That’s why they are all 100% tomato and do not contain any other ingredients: no preservatives, no colouring agents, salt, sugar, aromas or acidity regulator.

Salsa di Pomodoro Datterino

Natural and genuine, just as you would make them at home, with the only difference that they are made with the very same tomatoes that every week go directly into the “most starred kitchens” in Italy.


Production is hand-crafted and only takes place once a year, at the beginning of summer, when tomatoes express the best of their organoleptic features, in terms of optimal ripeness and sweetness.

This is because, in a different time of the year, with the raw material having different basic organoleptic features (such as a lower sugar content), we would not be able to achieve such a high quality product.

And, here at La Perla del Sud, as you may already know, we do not compromise on the quality of our products.


A remarkable feature is without doubt the versatility of our tomato preserves, made with simplicity to not have any restrictions with regards to the use.

The ristretto, for instance, can be used both as a standard tomato puree or as a substitute of a stock cube to give flavor to long cooking dishes, and it can also be spread on bread, bruschettas, crackers…for a quick, healthy and tasteful snack!

It is so good and sweet to easily pass the test with the most sever judges: kids.


The experts say they have never tasted a tomato sauce like this, while Sicilians say that only opening the jar and smelling it, immediately takes them back in time to when they were children and the tradition was that every family, once a year, gathered together to make fresh tomato sauce to eat during the winter.

This tradition, typical of Southern Italy, is sadly dying out as time progresses, but the memories, scents and flavors are still deeply engraved in the mind and, just as it used to be, once a year we prepare the tomato preserves, making sure to put our childhood memories into them, other than the unmatched quality of the ingredients of La Perla del Sud.

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