Serves: 4
300 gr Biscotto di Agerola
200 gr fresh tuna
200 gr fresh mackerel
4 anchovies
4 datterino tomatoes
100 gr cuore di bue tomatoes
4 Perlina eggplants
4 green olives
4 black olives
12 capers
80 gr smoked provolone cheese
4 celery sticks
50 gr fesh basil
1 Tropea onion
2 garlic cloves
10 gr fresh parsley
1 lt white wine vinegar
1 lt extra virgin olive oil

Prepare the tuna, cut it into chunks, cover in salt and set aside for a couple of hours. Prepare a solution with 1 lt water+120 gr salt+100 ml white wine vinegar for each kg of fish. Rinse the tuna and cook at very low temperature for 3 hours, in the solution of water, vinegar and salt. Let it dry properly and cover in olive oil. Cook the mackerel the same way but without cutting it. Rinse the anchovies and roll them.

Fry the Perlina eggplants at 150C, then peel and drain them. Cover in olive oil with some parsley, basil and garlic. Thinly slice the two garlic cloves, bring a solution of water, white vinegar and salt to the boil, add the garlic boil for 1 min, then let it cool and cover in oil.

Boil the tomatoes for a couple of minutes and cool in ice-cold water, then peel, cut them in 4 wedges and remove the seeds. Remove the gelatin from the cuore di bue tomatoes and set in the fridge. Blend the cuore di bue tomatoes and season the excess water with salt, oil and vinegar.

Crumble the biscotto in a holster and add all ingredients, then season with the excess water from the tomatoes.