Reef octopus cooked on low temperature, charcoal seared, grilled spring onion with Perlina eggplant, tapioca caviar and basil ice-cream

Polpo di scoglio cotto a bassa temperatura

Recipe of the chef Gaetano Procopio

Serves 4:
500 gr
reef octopus
1 shallot
4 Perlina eggplants
30 gr salicornia

fresh beetroot leaves
heirloom tomato Maldon salt flakes Tonda Iblea Extra virgin olive oil
1 bay leaf
1 lime

For the ice-cream:
500 gr
fresh basil
200 gr
fresh cream
100 gr sugar

juice of 1 lime
200 gr fresh milk

Ice-cre: Let all ingredients infuse on the stove on a low heat, maintaining the temperature to 90C, then blend the mixture with a blender, put it through a sieve then place it in a Pacojet pot and let rest for 24 hours. The following day, blend the mixture using the Pacojet until creamy.


Only keep the tentacles of the octopus and put them in a vacuum bag with bay leaves, salt and half a lime. Cook at low temperature, steaming at 77C for 5 hours. In the meanwhile, cut the shallot in a half and grill on low heat. Peel the tomato and keep the flesh only; sear the Perlina eggplants separately until tender. Cut the tips out of the Salicornia and place them on one side to use as a guarnish, discarding the rest. Once the octopus is cooked, open the vacuum bag and sear the octopus tentacles in a little bit of oil.

To assembly the dish, start by placing the Perlina eggplants on a plate, place the octopus on top with the grilled shallot next to it, the salicornia tips and beetroot leaves.

Finally, scoop some ice-cream and place it next to the octopus, then sprinkle everything with salt flakes and drizzle with extra virgin olive oil.