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To make it easier for you, we are suggesting some carefully selected combinations of goods, which will allow you to try and enjoy our products.

Below, you will find a wide selection to suit all tastes: different kinds of eggplants, tomatoes and Sicilian aromas to please all palates. We wanted to pay a tribute, in our own small way, to those characters and artists who made the noble history of Sicily and contributed to keep up its name over the centuries, giving their names to the assortments proposed.

This is our way to thank them for making us proud of being DOC Sicilians. You may then let yourselves be carried back in time chosing the Archimede mix, or you may bring a little poetry to your dishes by opting for the Giovanni Verga one.

The choice is yours, we just hope to inspire you as we have done and are still doing every day with our chef customers, and to be successful in passing onto you the true essence of Sicily through our beloved products. Furthermore, with the recipes you will find in the relevant section, we want to give you the opportunity to recreate an art work in your kitchen using the very colors, flavors and  odors which can only be found in Sicily.

And remember that the secret ingredient for the success of a great Sicilian dish it’s passion, which you will certainly discover in every single eggplant, tomato or any other products of our farm.  

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