In order to meet your expectations, we would need to receive all orders a little bit earlier than your traditional channels of supplies. Any inconvenience is compensated by some fundamental guarantees for yourselves, for your work and for your most demanding customers, such as:

Food safety, as you are buying products directly from the producer and so will be able to know their history at any time.

Freshness, because when you make an order the products have not yet been picked, but we are organized in a way that allows us to harvest the same day of shipping.

The consistency of high quality standard, because you are buying the same products from the farm where they are grown so they will never present substantial differences in between deliveries.

The goods are shipped every Monday and Tuesday only, and will arrive within 48 hours from shipping in Italy (within 96 hours in the EU). All orders therefore will need to be made before the end of the week (week before goods will be shipped).

For deliveries in EU countries orders will need to be made one day in advance, compared to national ones. Deliveries will be made by courier and take place on weekdays.

Shipping charges can be found here