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"I love the South and in the South I chose to live, and would be able to feel it even from miles away with my eyes closed, just by tasting the sweetness of Giombattista’s Perlina eggplant, a gastronomic jewel with no equals in my kitchen , if not the Datterino tomatoes of the same source, the extraordinary eggplants and the fleshy peppers. An anthem to the beauty and goodness." (Stefano Mazzone chef of the Grand Hotel Quisisana of Capri)


"Every man encases within an infinite land made of sky and soil, of oceans and deserts, of ravines and mountains. Every landscape is a state of mind which, summed to our life experiences, shapes the painting, unique and unrepeatable, of our own existence: Giombattista’s Perlina eggplant is part of it all." Chef Gaetano Procopio, Chef of Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea)


"Gifted with a delicate taste and unexpected qualities engaging all of the senses, the Perlina is great for enriching any kind of dish from entrèe to dessert. The benefit of having a small shape but complete in the chromatic profile allows efficient compositional solutitions." (Ciccio Sultano Duomo Restaurant, Ragusa)


"Nothing goes wasted with the baby-eggplant since the peel is also edible and the seeds are poor and tiny. Its cooking perfomance is superior to other eggplants as it contains less water and the flesh is sweet and compact. The Perlina can be thrifty seasoned and does not require the addition of many ingredients, presenting a dietary benefit because it does not absorb much oil." (Andreas Zangerl Casa Grugno Restaurant, Taormina)


"(...) Sweet, does not need to be purged in water and salt before cooking, (...) the Perlina eggplant is fantastic even raw, thinly sliced in a salad." (Il Giornale Sicilia, l'isola dell'aquolina n. 151 del 26/06/2005)

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