Terms and conditions of sale

Terms and conditions of sale

  • Subject
  • Acceptance of the general sales conditions
  • Customer obligations
  • Purchase method
  • Payments
  • Products delivery
  • Shipping costs
  • Shipping in the EU
  • Packaging information
  • Guarantee and faulty products
  • Right of withdrawal
  • Order cancellation by Azienda Agricola di Campoccia Giombattista
  • Law and place of jurisdiction
  • Privacy
  • Information and complaints


These general conditions are relevant to the product purchase by means of the automated network on the site www.laperladelsud.it belonging to Azienda Agricola di Campoccia Giombattista, with a registered office in Vittoria (RG) via 4 Novembre 5/G, VAT number 00931610885.

These purchases are reserved to final consumer customers (namely a physical person who purchases goods for purposes not attributable to their professional activity), therefore with the exception of shopkeepers, wholesalers, resellers, professionals etc. who intend to sell the products to third parties.

Every purchasing transaction will be ruled according to Legislative Decree n. 185/99 and, with regards to privacy protection, it will be ruled by the regulations of Legislative Decree n.196/2003 and subsequent amendments.

Acceptance of the general sales conditions

By sending electronic order confirmation, the customer unconditionally accepts the general sales and payment conditions specified hereinafter and undertake to follow them in their relationship with Azienda Agricola di Campoccia Giombattista. Therefore declaring to have read and accepted all information provided to them according to the above-mentioned regulations and acknowledges that Azienda Agricola di Campoccia Giombattista is not bound to different conditions unless previously agreed in writing.

Customer obligations

The present general sales conditions should be examined by customers visiting the website www.laperladelsud.it before confirming any orders. The submission of the order confirmation therefore implies the total knowledge of the general conditions of sales and the full acceptance of these.

The customer agrees and undertakes to provide accurate and truthful data and, on completion of the online purchase procedure, to print off and keep these general sales conditions, already examined and accepted during the purchasing process, in order to completely fulfil the conditions specified in articles 3 e 4 of Legislative Decree n. 185/1999.

Purchase method

www.laperladelsud.it is a website selling food and wine products.

The purchase of the products, available as they are shown in the relevant description and technical charts, are made by the customers to the prices indicated therein, to be confirmed at submission of the order confirmation, in addition to the transport costs displayed on purchase and automatically calculated on the basis of the real weight and space occupied by the parcel.

Before confirming the purchase, the customer will be shown the cost per unit of each chosen product, the total cost in the case of purchasing multiple products and relative transport costs.

When confirming the purchase, on completion of the transaction, the customer will receive an e-mail containing the date and the total amount of the order with all the details of the order itself.


The payment of the purchased goods and relative shipping costs will be performed when the order confirmation is sent through the use of PayPal (VISA | MASTERCARD | MAESTRO | AMERICAN EXPRESS | PAYPAL ACCOUNT) or by bank transfer in favour of:

UniCredit S.p.A.

Payable to Azienda Agricola di Campoccia Giombattista – Via 4 Novembre, 5/G – 97019 Vittoria (RG)

IBAN: IT 07 C 02008 16917 000300561566


The orders paid by bank transfer will be processed only after confirmation of the payment from the bank.

Products delivery

The purchased goods will be shipped by Azienda Agricola di Campoccia Giombattista to the address provided by the customer and delivered by courier (SDA).

The courier will not make any preventive calls or be able to arrange deliveries at specific times. The first attempt will be made without notice. In the event of absence of the recipient, the customer will be given the chance to request a new attempt (free of charge) within 3 days of the first delivery attempt.

If delivery fails again, the goods will be returned to Azienda Agricola di Campoccia Giombattista resulting in cancellation of the order and no refunds to the customer will be made. In which case, Azienda Agricola di Campoccia Giombattista reserves the right to charge the customer the additional shipping fees for the return of the goods.

Every shipment will include a detail of the purchased goods.

Under current regulations, Azienda Agricola di Campoccia Giombattista will issue regular invoice which will be sent together with the goods.

All orders, both paid by PayPal and by bank transfer, will be shipped every Monday and Tuesday of the week following the order, and delivery times are to be considered 2 working days for the country and 4-5 working days for the EU. Therefore we recommend making all orders a week in advance to avoid disappointments. This working method allows us to pick, package and ship the goods the same day, so that they retain the freshness during transport and reach the customer in excellent condition.

Orders can also be made via e-mail to the following address: info@laperladelsud.it and must be received within Saturday every week, since shipping will always be made every Monday and Tuesday of the week following the order.

Shipping costs

The minimum order is 1 box (maximum weight 10 kg) and the cost is € 12,00

  • For orders from 1 to 2 boxes (maximum weight 10 kg) the cost is € 12,00
  • For orders from 1 to 2 boxes (maximum weight 20 kg) the cost is € 15,00
  • For orders from 2 to 3 boxes (maximum weight 20 kg) the cost is € 15,00
  • For orders from 4 to 9 boxes (maximum weight 30 kg) the cost is € 18,00
  • For orders from 4 to 9 boxes (maximum weight 50 kg) the cost is € 22,00

For orders over 50 kg please write to info@laperladelsud.it .

The weight of 1 box is approximately 5 kg for fresh produce and about 10 kg for processed products.

Shipping in the EU

We are able to ship to the following countries in the European Union:

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Holland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary:

  • Up to 10 kg € 20,00
  • Up to 15 kg € 28,00
  • Up to 20 kg € 30,00
  • Up to 25 kg € 35,00
  • Up to 30 kg € 40,00

France, Principality of Monaco, United Kingdom, Spain:

  • Up to 10 kg € 30,00
  • Up to 15 kg € 35,00
  • Up to 20 kg € 40,00
  • Up to 25 kg € 45,00
  • Up to 30 kg € 50,00

For shipments in countries missing from the list and in the rest of the world, please send an e-mail to info@laperladelsud.it .

During bank holidays Azienda Agricola di Campoccia Giombattista cannot take responsibility for possible delivery delays, attributable only to the service conditions of the courier.

Upon delivery of the goods, the customer is required to verify:

  • that the number of boxes is the same as written in the transport document,
  • that the boxes are integral, not damaged, wet or altered even in the sealing materials (paper, scotch tape, twine).

Any damages or mismatch in the number of boxes, must be immediately notified to the courier by writing “goods accepted under reservation” on the related delivery document and confirmed within 3 days by e-mail to: info@laperladelsud.it .

Only thereafter customer can accept delivery, since later on it will not be possible to make any complaint about the number of boxes and the appearance of what was delivered to them.

In the event that the goods received do not match what was ordered, the anomalies found must be reported within two days of receipt, via e-mail to: info@laperladelsud.it .

Packaging information

All products, both fresh and processed, travel in boxes suitable for maintaining the freshness for the whole duration of the trip.

The kind of packaging used by Azienda Agricola di Campoccia Giombattista is mainly boxes made of polystyrene.

B1 boxes with no holes and with lid (polystyrene): complying with all relevant laws, particularly referring to the following European Community legislation:

-Regulation (CE) 1935/04

-Regulation (CE) 1895/04

-Regulation (EU) 10/2011 and subsequent amendments

Guarantee and faulty products

If customers experience deterioration or defects in the goods received, this must be reported within two days of receipt by e-mail to info@laperladelsud.it .

Any claims over these terms will not be considered.

Right of withdrawal

The customer has the right to withdraw from the established contract, without any penalty and without specifying the reason within 10 days from receiving the goods. Withdrawal must be made by sending a letter with advice of receipt to Azienda Agricola di Campoccia Giombattista, via 4 Novembre n.5/G, 97019 Vittoria (RG). The customer should clearly specify the reason in withdrawing from the contract and send a sealed parcel containing the purchased goods in their original packages to the same address. Parcels paid by cash on delivery or carriage forward parcels will not be collected. The return costs will be charged completely to the customer. Azienda Agricola di Campoccia Giombattista will give back the whole paid price, after the shipping costs, within 30 days from the notice of the right of withdrawal exerted by the customer.

The withdrawal price can be exerted only by a physical person, meaning private consumers who do not act for professional scopes.

The right of withdrawal can be applied only if the returned goods are integral and cannot be exerted for products that, due to their nature, cannot be sent back or that risk in being altered or deteriorated rapidly.

Order cancellation by Azienda Agricola di Campoccia Giombattista

Azienda Agricola di Campoccia Giombattista is entitled to refuse or cancel an order or an article included in the order in one of the following cases:

  • items not included in the catalogue are ordered
  • items that are not produced or distributed are ordered
  • fraud of credit card

Law and place of jurisdiction

Any controversy relevant to the application, execution, interpretation and breach of the purchase contract is subjected to Italian law and will be managed exclusively by the Court of Ragusa, except for the imperative jurisdiction of the courts foreseen by the law.


With reference to the regulations specified in Legislative Decree 196/2003 (the “privacy code”), take note of the following:

  1. The concerned person is entitled to know if their data are held, even if it has not been recorded yet, as well as to obtain its correct communication.
  2. The concerned person is entitled to have the following information:
  3. The origin of their personal data
  4. The purposes of data processing
  5. The software applied in the event of the data being processed by electronic instruments
  6. The identification data of the holder, responsible persons or representatives appointed according to the art. 5, paragraph 2
  7. The subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal data can be communicated or whom can know the data in their function as a representative appointed in the territory of the state, responsible people or people in charge.
  8. The concerned person is entitled to obtain the following:
  9. The updating, correction, or if they are interested in, integration of their personal data
  10. Cancellation, transformation in an anonymous form or stopping the processing of personal data, including the data that must be kept according to the scopes for which it was collected and later processed
  11. The confirmation that the operations specified in the letter a) and b) are known, together with their contents, by the people to whom the data was communicated or diffused, except in the case in which it is impossible to fulfil that or if this confirmation implies a use of means that are clearly unproportioned as regards to the protected right
  12. The concerned person is entitled to refuse partially or completely:
  13. That their personal data be processed, even if pertaining to the scope of the collection, provided that there are legitimate reasons
  14. That their personal data is processed to the scope of sending advertising material, direct sales, market research or commercial communication

Information and complaints

For further information please contact:

Azienda Agricola di Campoccia Giombattista

Via 4 Novembre n. 5/G

97019 Vittoria (RG)

Fax +39 0932 984326

Email: info@laperladelsud.it